Thursday, December 24, 2020

Laces Laces Laces

Laces Laces Laces
I so enjoy using laces in my projects.
Especially in my Shabby Chic keepsakes.
I love purchasing Crochet Laces and most of the time
 I dye the laces myself, but sometimes I do get the 
opportunity to buy them in already dyed for me.
Got to Love the Guipure Lace.
I am a huge fan of these laces.
They are easy to also dye and mostly greatly 
used on all of my Paper Craft Projects.
I have always worked with beautiful laces and especially
 using Bridal Laces in my Craft Projects.
This is only a little peak of what's in my Craft Studio, but don't
worry I will share more pictures with 
you of what else is in my stash...

Bella xxx

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